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Microfluidic devices

Product name Cat. Unit Price
FlushPass MF-001 1Unit Inquiry
FlushPass MF-002 5Unit Inquiry

FlushPass is a device that adsorbs and removes clogging components of blood, suppressing clogging in microchannels, and enabling sequential running without any need of pretreatments such as hemolysis or centrifugation.


DimShift (Panels for chromosome)

Product name Cat. Unit Price
DimShift-Chr13q DSH-101 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr5q DSH-102 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr7q DSH-103 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr8 DSH-104 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr17p DSH-105 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr20q DSH-106 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr18q DSH-107 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chr21q DSH-108 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-ChrX(Coming soon) DSH-109 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-ChrY(Coming soon) DSH-110 10rxn Inquiry

DimShift (Panels for disease)

Product name Cat. Unit Price
DimShift-MDS DSH-201 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-MM DSH-202 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-CLL DSH-203 10rxn Inquiry
DimShift-Chimerism(Coming soon) DSH-204 10rxn Inquiry

Our DimShift technology uses digital PCR to measure the number of copies of a target (gene/chromosome) on a single-cell basis. It is possible to detect the cells with copy number alterations in sample with a sensitivity of < 0.1%. Only 1 copy and 2 copies in sample can be designated.
All products are research use only (RUO).

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DimScat (Prenatal)

Product name Cat. Unit Price
DimScat -Prenatal "Basic" DSH-101 10rxn Inquiry
DimScat -Prenatal "Basic" DSH-102 100rxn Inquiry
DimScat -Prenatal "Extended" DSH-103 10rxn Inquiry
DimScatt -Prenatal "Extended" DSH-103 100rxn Inquiry

DimScat-Prenatal is a kit for detection of chromosomal abnormalities in the cell from amniocentesis or chorionic villus. Requirement of input DNA is only 1 ng. Total 4 hours are required for measurement.
The basic panel of 16 multiplex for chr13, 18, 21, 22q11, X, Y” and “The extended panel of 9 multiplex for chr 5p, 15q11-13, 18” are our line-ups.
Two or 3 loci for each target chromosome are measured for each chromosome to improve quality.

All products are research use only (RUO).

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