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TL Genomics will be partnering in Bio Europe Spring 2022 for in- and out- licensing opportunities.

Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems has announced that TL Genomics wins its CHEMINAS Technology Award in 2021. This award is granted to a research group who has achieved remarkable progresses in micro-nano devices.


TL Genomics has granted an exclusive license to a third-party company, regarding the fetal cell diagnosis patents and know-how. That company has invested in TL Genomics to collaboratively commercialize the technology.

TL Genomics and Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd. have collaboratively developed mass production technology of microfluidics chip. Now both companies recognize that the technology is ready for market, and agree that more close partnership will accelerate the business. Fukoku Bussan has invested in TL Genomics on Jan. 10, 2020, whose amount of investment is not disclosed.

[about Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd.]

CEO Tomohiro Kubo wins 6th Kyoto SMI Nakatsuji award in 2018, for the development of microfluidics technology to enrich blood cells and its application on fetal cell isolation.

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