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TL Genomics will be partnering in BioJapan 2022 for in- and out- licensing opportunities. Please visit our booth "C8".

Microfluidic Devices

Laminated microfluidic devices for robust and massive cell fractionation

Our microfluidic devices have unique feature of laminated structures. Up to 10ml blood sample can be separated and fractionated into red blood cells or white cells, within 1 hour. The fractionation is dependent on cell sizes, without any labeling of surface markers. There is no need of pre-treatment of the blood sample, such like hemolysis or centrifugation. Moreover, we have successfully invented an anti-clogging device, which overcomes a big difficulty that blood samples usually cause clogging inside the channels. Thus, now it is possible to run blood samples for several hours sequentially.
TL Genomics is now applying such a breakthrough device to enrich rare cells such like CTC (Circulating Tumor Cell) or fetal cells in blood stream, or to fractionate TIL (Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes) from tissues.



Super sensitive copy number analysis for single-cell

Our Dimshift is a single-cell based digital PCR technology to detect chromosomal copy numbers. As little as 0.1% of abnormal cells can be detected from whole blood sample. This technology is a very unique PCR-based method that is quick and sensitive in distinguishing 1 or 2 copies. DimShift may be applied in oncology/hematology field to follow MRD in malignant diseases.



Super multiplex digital PCR.

Our DimScat™ is a super multiplex digital PCR technology to detect up to 20 targets at once on 2D readouts (2 waves). It is based on absolute quantification, without any help of an internal control. Multi samples are quantified in one tube assay.