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■Preventing clogging formation inside the chip during blood cell separation

  TL Genomics has invented a breakthrough technology, which prevents clogging formation inside PDMS chip. This patented technology enables blood sample to pass for a several hours or more.


■Mass Production technology of multi-layered PDMS chip

  Our microfluidics device has a unique feature of multi-layered structure, which enables a lot of sample liquid to run at significantly high flow rate. Thus 20ml or more blood sample, for example, can be treated.

  TL Genomics has invented a mass production technology of such multi-layered PDMS chip by an injection mold and assemble technology. Small scale butch is compatible and of course a large-scale muss production is now available.


  Patents and know-hows are owned by TL Genomics.  We are happy to offer out-license or collaboratively develop a new application.



  - fetal cells in maternal blood stream (now under studied in EU)

  - immune cells for ex vivo cell therapy

  - CTCs 




  Digital multi scatering, named DimuScat, is a powerful method to detect copy number variations and point mutations at the same time in a single reaction of digital PCR.


  One of the applicaton of DimuScat is to detect chromosomal anueploidies and microdeletion (DimuScat 13/18/21/22/XY), which will be substituted for QF-PCR.


  In this system, major trisomies and microdeletion (22q11) as well as sex chromosomes are detected in a single panel. Moreover, 21 trisomies are detected by different sets of probes that are located in separate locus, so that the translocation type and the isochromosomal trisomy can be distinguished.


 DiMuS データ4.png

   Patents are filed by TL Genomics.  DimuScat is now ready for out-license or clinically developed in collaboration.


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